Google Review Cards

Google Reviews are more important now than ever. We have a proven way for you to collect reviews from your customers in just a couple simple steps!

More Google Reviews = Increased Map Rankings

Obviously it's more than just having Google Reviews, but acquiring more Google Reviews than your competition increases the chances of your business ranking higher in the maps.

When is the last time you bought a product online? When is the last time you researching an unknown company to see what others were saying about them? We do it all the time - we read the reviews. They matter. And you should take your reviews seriously.

Some people are scared to receive reviews. They're afraid that someone is going to leave them a bad review. There are those instances where a bad review could hurt your business. But don't you want to know if a customer had a bad experience with your business? Don't you want the address the issue or maybe change something in your business so it doesn't happen again? Reviews give you chance to respond to your customers, show them you care, correct any mistakes that were made, and ultimately provide a good customer experience. If you run a good business and provide a good service or product, you will receive MOSTLY good reviews. No one is perfect, but how you respond speaks volumes about your business.

Here's a simple way to ask for reviews...

Google Review Cards!

Imagine handing your customer this card after completing a service, or stapling it to a carry-out bag along with the receipt, or inside a thank you card mailed to the customer. With just a scan of the QR code, the customer lands right on your Google Business Profile review section.

Or use the Bitly link included on the card in an email, SMS, or anywhere online. Easily track how many hits the link is getting through the cards. This is a personable way for a customer to know how much you care about what they think.


Here's what you receive:

- A Free Bitly account setup

- A unique Bitly link specific to your review page (can be Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or a page on your website)

- A customized QR code file with your logo or photo (this will be used on the review cards too)

- Each card is 16pt thick card stock, UV glossy finish with rounded corners

- Free shipping to your address

Prices start at just $100


If you give away lots of review cards, we have a low cost monthly plan available!

Just go to our Contact page and let us know you want more information.

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